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Ryuuketsu Clan of HanagakureEdit

The Ryuuketsu Clan was one of the founding clans of Hanagakure .

All female members of the clan are to be raised as Geishas while the me of the clan were to become shinobi to fight for their village and clan . Ryuuketsu Clanswomen are known for being short , petite and have round-shaped faces , doe eyes and full lips .

Once she reaches of age , a Ryuuketsu's daughter is to be trained and tutored as a geisha , often they are taught by their mother's , grandmother's or Head geisha of the clan . After the age of 16 ,all daughters are taught the art of seduction and assassination . A fully trained Ryuuketsu Clanswomen geisha is given a unique name to use as an undercover alias as a fully recognized Ryuuketsu Geisha .

Women of the Ryuuketsu Clan must follow the Laws of the Ryuuketsu Clan . Male's born into the clan must be raised by their fathers . Once a Ryuuketsu Clanswoman reaches of age , they are to prepare for thier coming of age ceremony and have a suitor chosen for her by the Clan Head for her to marry . Althought the Clan Head herself cannot marry , she may have several lovers .

The Ryuuketsu Clan is also known for their vast knowledge in herbs and teas and will train their daughters to raise their ammunity agaisnt various types of teas that are used to hurt their immune system . The Clan owns teashops all around various villages .

In Konoha , the clan isnt very well known but from the few that know of them label them as "easy women " . That misconsception of the clan was most likely because of their profession.

The heirarchy of the Ryuukletsu Clan is that of only women . Meaning that only wmoen could become heads of the clan .

Clan AttributesEdit

Below are just a few aspects that differ the women of the Ryuuketsu Clan from the other members of Hanagakure :

  • The head of the clan is always adorned in geisha make-up and silk kimono's
  • The eldest daughter of the Head of the Clan is to be given the Ryuuketsu family Heirloom ; a powerful artifact that dates back centuries
  • The characteristics of the Clan : 50% are born Blonde , 50% born with Brunette hair . 50% icy blue eyes and 50% Honeydew eyes .
  • The ranks of the women in the clan is measured by the number of circular tattoos below their eyes
  • All Ryuuketsu women have an affinity for Water chakra ( Second affinity varies )
  • if the Clanswomen give birth to more than one son , they must slaughter the newborn .

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