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Laws of the Main FamilyEdit

  • Love is forbidden
  • Not allowed to marry ; may have several lovers
  • The current head must train her daughters in the ways of the Ryuuketsu Geishas
  • The next heiress to become head must posses the Ryuuketsu Family heirloom with them at all times
  • The daughters must be raised by their mother's while the son must be raised by his father

Laws of the CommonEdit

  • All female members of the clan must be raised as Geisha's
  • Male's are to become shinobi
  • There must be no more han two sons born into each family, the third must be terminated
  • Coming of Age female members of the Clan must go through a ceremony and be betrothed ; they must marry within the year and produce a daughter
  • Clanswomen are allowed to marry

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