Early LifeEdit

Kiyoko Ryuuketsu is the youngest daughter of Megumi Ryuuketsu and an unnamed Father .

Kiyoko Ryuuketsu

Affiliation :

Hanagakure and Konohagakure

Birthday :

April 28th ( Taurus )

Age :


Blood Type :


Rank :

Special Jounin

Occupation :

Shinobi/Tea Shop Owner

Height :


Weight :

120 lbs

Personality :

Compassionate ,Dependable ,Loyal ,reliable ,Strong - physically as well as emotionally

Annoying Traits :

Stubborn ,dislikes change and aggressive


Kiyoko's most recognizable abilities in the start were those of her Geisha abilities . However , her abilities as a shinobi were present as a child . She was trained by her elder brother , which was a sin in her clan .

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